History of AdamSmile

The initial idea of AdamSmile came to us within days of Adam’s accident.

Strong public support in the form of immediate fundraising events for The AdamSmile Project, encouraged us to pursue the idea further, and our research found that the most ideal route would be along a disused railway line, stretching between Lubenham and Market Harborough.

In the beginning we approached the landowners trying to gain their permission to use the land to create the route.

In September 2007, with continued support and ever-growing fundraising, we decided to register AdamSmile as an official charity, enlisting friends and family to become trustees.

In February 2008 we had a meeting with Harborough District Council, during which Northants County Council agreed to take on our project, as most of the route is in their county.

Inspection of the route, alongside meetings and discussions with Sustrans, who have also offered their support, then took place, to look at its suitability.

In the summer of 2010 a feasibility study was carried out by NCC.

In January 2011 we heard that The AdamSmile Project has been presented to the Head of Highways and Transport.

In late 2013/early 2104, after many years of discussions we have been advised to apply for a Definitive Map Modification in order to achieve our goal of a safe cycle route away from the busy main road (This will allow us to change to route to a public footpath before then adapting it to be a cycle and walking route).

The application along with forms supporting our case were submitted to Leicestershire County Council and we are pleased to announce that following a Leicestershire county council meeting in September 2018. “An order is to be made under the provisions of Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to add a Public Footpath to the Definitive Maps and Statements for Leicestershire and Northamptonshire”.

This is a major hurdle in our fight to create a safe walking and cycle route between Lubenham and Market Harborough.

On November 26th 2019 we undertook a public Inquiry at Leicestershire County Council where an inspector would determine whether or not the proposed route was to become an official public footpath. Evidence was submitted and discussed and the decision was left in the hands of the inspector.

Adamsmile were delighted in March 2020 that the inspector decided in favour of the Map Modification Order and a public footpath is to be established along the proposed route between Lubenham and Market Harborough.

UK registered charity No. 1122553