Timeline of our progress

• 6th September 2006
Our 13 year old son Adam was killed whilst cycling to school along the main road from Lubenham to Market Harborough.
• October 2006
Kate and David Mugridge have the idea of creating a safe cycle way, away from traffic, along the disused railway line from Lubenham to Market Harborough.
• November 2006
We write to the landowners to inform them of our intentions and asking for their support. Local people start fundraising events.
• January 2007
AdamSmile becomes a registered charity and we appoint a board of trustees.
• May 2007
A meeting takes place with all five landowners. Some were supportive, others opposed it.
• 2007
A meeting takes place with Sustrans and Northants County Council to agree a way forward.
• 2008,2009
Continuous contact and various meetings with NCC, but progress is slow due to opposition from some landowners.
• 2010
Feasibility study produced by NCC.
• 2011
Government cuts in local funding result in NCC withdrawing. Leicestershire County Council takes this up.
• October 2011
Whitestuff in Market Harborough agree to take us on as their local charity. Fundraising continues.
• 2011,2012
Three alternative routes are considered and explored but NCC, LCC and the trustees conclude that the old railway line offers the best solution as the safest route.
• 2012
LCC carry out their feasibility study.
• 2012, 2013
LCC advise us that the way forward is to apply for a Definitive Map Modification in order to recognise that the route has been walked for many years.
• 2013,2014
There is a press release in the Harborough Mail to ask for help and we submit over 70 forms to LCC to support this.
• 2014
All landowners and Harborough District Council are informed of the new proposal and asked to respond.
• April 2015
Letters are sent out by LCC to all the landowners and Local Councils, asking for their responses by the end of May.
• July 2015
Letters of clarification are to be sent out in September to some of the objectors and people who completed User Forms. A report will then be sent to a Development Control and Regulatory Board. A date will then be set for an Open Meeting for objectors and supporters of the modified route.
• September 2015
A total of £125 000 has been raised to date.